Boating Recreation Tips

In truth, it might be easier for a kitten to resist the appetite for milk than for an avid boater to stay away from the waterways. There is no doubt that the pleasure of sailing surpasses many other outdoor excursions that often engage the interest of fun lovers. However, it is crucial to consider the following boating recreation tips for the sake of safety and utmost pleasure.

Best Boating Recreation Tips

1. Always check the condition of the controls and navigational aids.

Never leave the shore before the quality of the controls and navigational aids is checked. All the control features must be in perfect working condition to avoid any mishaps that might occur because of defective navigation. The steering, power controls, speed gears and compass are some of the crucial features that you must check before engaging the boat into motion. Good boating practice requires the use of boats that have been recently serviced.

2. Prepare a detailed float plan.

There is a lot of sense in letting someone on shore know every detail of your float plan. Before you go boating, write down the specifics of the type of boat and its registration details, name, and contacts of the team leader, name, and contacts of every passenger expected time of return and the general itinerary of your trip. Boating experts also recommend the provision of the details of the boat’s navigational equipment. Leave the float plan with the local marina’s office, a friend or family member.

3. Study the weather and act appropriately.

Ask seasoned boaters and they will admit that very few lucky captains have won the dangerous games of ego with hostile waves and rough winds. You must be wise and err on the side of caution. If you are the team leader of the boating team, you must remember that the safety of the group depends on you. First, you must study the day’s weather forecasts and make a reasoned decision as to whether you think it would be safer to hit the waters. Secondly, apply your own senses in deciding whether to delay of redirect your trip.

4. Do not drink and sail.

Do not underestimate the level of mischief that might result out of a few bottles of beer on your boat. History reminds us that many accidents at sea have often been occasioned by drunken captains or sailors. We also know of cases where drunken boaters have fallen off their vessels to the unforgiving depths of the sea with tragic consequences. As a matter of caution, do not go boating with a raucous band of drunken people. Even if you intend to mark a special occasion at sea, always schedule the drinking session after the trip.

5. Carry prescribed medication for seasickness.

Nothing spoils the fun of boating more than strong and recurring bouts of seasickness. The problem is that many first-time boaters may not know that they are susceptible to the problem. In fact, seasickness tends to be particularly disturbing and messy for children, pregnant women and people with ear problems. Apart from the snacks, you pack before the trip, ask your chemist for enough supply of recommended medicine and accessories for motion sickness while fishing backpacks.

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